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Mir’s Birthday Project

24 Feb



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2AM’s Jinwoon officially prepares for his solo rock debut

11 Jan

During 2AM’s first ever solo concert last month, Jinwoon voiced his secret desire to release his very own rock album. Well it looks like the maknae has finally begun preparations for his solo!

Jinwoon will indeed be recording rock tracks, as revealed by a Big Hit Entertainment representative: “Jinwoon has personally produced the tracks and is preparing a style of rock music that regular idols can’t perform.  He’s trying to capture the essence of rock for his solo project.”

Although the album is still in its production stages, representatives confirmed that he’ll be bringing in talented musicians to form a band.

Jinwoon has prior experience as a rock band member during his high school years, and although he began pursuing ballads with 2AM, he’s always expressed his love and interest for rock to his fans.  The singer has also been consistently practicing the guitar, bass, and drums, and even performed the electric guitar during 2AM’s nation-wide tour.



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MBLAQ records 25,000 orders for “BLAQ Style” in just one day

11 Jan

MBLAQ’s first official album, “BLAQ Style,” has received an explosive amount of interest, as demonstrated by its 25,000 orders, just one day after its release.

On January 11th, J. Tune Camp stated, “The number of orders for MBLAQ’s ‘BLAQ Style’ has exceeded 25,000 copies. We’re currently producing more copies overnight in order to match up to the number of orders. Even so, we can’t be sure that it’ll be enough. We’ll be making additional productions soon.”

This is the group’s first official album, despite the fact that it’s been a year and two months since their debut. The album itself has been headlining ever since its first title track, “Cry,” was released on January 3rd.  The second title track, “Stay,” was released on the morning of the 10th, and both have managed to rank in on major live music charts. “Darling,” which was produced by their mentor Rain, is also steadily climbing the charts.

Other influential figures in the industry have lent their support for the album, such as Rado (B2ST’s “Soom“), Lee Jae Myung (SNSD’s “Kissing You,” Super Junior’s “Merry You“), and Bae Jin Ryeol(Rain’s “Hip Song,” MBLAQ’s “Y“).

Leader Seungho composed the intro for “Sad Memories“, and played the piano melody, while maknaeMir wrote the rap for “You’re My+” for their fans.

MBLAQ will be holding their comeback stage on Mnet’s “M. Countdown“ on January 13th.

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MBC Music Core performance 08.01.11

8 Jan



Behind the scene on the set of ‘Athena’

8 Jan

These stills from the set of Athena: Goddess of Warshow the cast in a much lighter mood behind the scenes, when they’re not busy running around saving the world. I’m really enjoying the drama thus far, mostly because although it’s the same old spy stuff, it’s got a really great cast of characters that makes me invested in the action.

Kim Min-jong as the shady Northern defector-turned-ally is my personal favorite, and I’m also really diggingSu Ae and Jung Woo-sung‘s dynamic, wherein she’s the uber-badass black-ops spy, and he’s the competent but less-badass slacker. There’s actually a moment where he’s smitten with her because he watches her kill people. It’s sick and twisted and totally awesome, only because they’re both spies, and he has no idea the extent of her actual badassery.

The stills are from the latest episodes in Japan, and also on the set of NTS headquarters. Athena airs Monday-Tuesday on SBS


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fans uploaded Kim Hee Chul Childhood Pic

8 Jan

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Whispering the most beautiful birthday IU, want to bite!

8 Jan

Clothes suitable for the older kids too wired to act when
I think the most beautiful. Heh heh
IU, as well as what its supposed to all Idol, right?
Top off with hot concept these days not even an equal Idol. ㅋ ㅋ
Anyway, oil price school children were taken from the pictorial
Ah .. I want to bite. ㅠ ㅠ We’re so cute!
High School Girls High School Dowland is also the best time seems to be pretty.


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Dal Shabet debuts with “Supa Dupa Diva” on Music Bank

7 Jan

Rookie girl group Dal Shabet showed off their potential with “Supa Dupa Diva” on today’s episode ofMusic Bank!

Consisting of members Serri, Jiyul, Ayoung, Ga Eun, Subin, and Viki, they’ve been headlining as the brainchild of E-TRIBE for a while now, and they finally showcased their point choreography (‘zzanggu dance’ and ‘mermaid dance’) along with charming outfits and a sturdy live.

The producers of E-TRIBE personally visited the girls’ debut on yesterday’s “M! Countdown” and expressed their satisfaction with the improvements the girls have been making since their debut music video.



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TEEN TOP unveils 2nd teaser for “Supa Love” feat. Eric

7 Jan

The boys of TEEN TOP have recently unveiled their second MV teaser for their upcoming comeback track, “Supa Love“.

While the majority of the video does focus on the cameo made by Shinhwa’s Eric, TEEN TOP drops down at the last minute onto a stylish stage. Speaking of sets, does Eric’s stage remind anyone of the labs from Resident Evil?

If their white hair hasn’t already indicated that they’re going for a futuristic look, this MV teaser will definitely get that concept across.

Check out the video below!



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Jay Park responds to criticisms over his tattoos

6 Jan

Due to escalating criticisms over his new tattoos, Jay Park took to his Twitter to explain his decision to get inked.

On December 6th, Jay tweeted, “I didn’t cut my hair too short for everyone to like, I put in a lot of effort to make songs that everyone would like, and I’m even resisting doing concerts before my album comes out because I thought people were spending too much money on me. Please don’t be too harsh that I have tattoos. I like it, it’s a stress reliever.”

He continued, “Telling me not to get tattoos is the same as saying “Don’t rap” or “Don’t dance”. I express my mind through these kinds of things.”

Jay, who’s been known to have a “tattoo mania”, recently revealed another new tattoo on his body, which consequently led to criticisms over his ‘tainted’ image.

Yet regardless of the minor scandal, the artist did not forget to share more news about his upcoming album. “The newest song has beats created by ChaCha, lyrics by me, and Dok2 as a rap feature. It will not disappoint.”


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