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HanGeng SINA update [04012011]

7 Jan

我主演的电影《大武生》正在举办“我的大武生: 新年贺卡设计比赛”,平时看到你们做了那么多有才的设计和活动,这一次也快来加入吧!最后我会挑选一份得奖作品,送上我亲笔签名的《大武生》剧照一张,活动内容细节在这里:

My movie “Big Takefu” being held “my Takefu: New Year’s greeting card design competition”, usually done so much to see your talented design and activities, this time also Join now! Finally, I will select a winning entry, send me an autographed “big Takefu” Still one of activities and details here:


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hangeng sina update 2010.12.11

13 Dec




The third wave has received a gift, I became a food store dressing room again, I thank you again for all the crew! ! ! Ha ha! ! !


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