SHINee’s me2DAY update [03-07.01.2011]

8 Jan

january, 3
[온유] 새해 ‘복’은 샤이니와 함께 많이많이 받으셨죠? 오늘 방송되는 「아테나」에 저희도 까메오출연, 보아선배님도 까메오로 출연하시는데, 김민종선배님과 최시원선배님까지~ 완전 SM Special Time! 깨알같은 저희 찾아보시는 재미와 함께 본!방!사!수!!!^^
[onew] New Year’s ‘Blessed’ With a shiny, got lots and lots? Will be broadcast today, “Athena,” a cameo in the us, seniors have seen in cameo appearances, and sometimes Hooks seniors to seniors and Choi Si Won ~ Fully SM Special Time!Kkaealgateun with our fun and look it this! Room! Four! !!!^^

january, 7
[민호] 여러분~ 우리 동방신기형들 첫방송 보셨어요? 진짜 감동적이었는데… 언제나 항상 노력하는 모습의동방신기 윤호형~ 창민이형! 정말 다시봐도 멋있고 너무 대단하신 것 같아요. 형들처럼 저도 더욱 더 노력하고 열심히할테니 지켜봐주시고, 우리 같이 응원해요!^^
[minho] You TVXQ ~ We Have the first broadcast of type? It was really impressive … Always looking to try yunhohyeong DBSK ~ Changmin hyung! I look back I think is cool too overwhelming. Hyeongdeulcheoreom I’ll keep trying more and more tuned me a cheer as we have ^ ^

[온유] 역시 ‘동방신기’ 에요!!! 한 번도 실망 시키지 않는 사랑하는 우리 유노형~창민이형!!! 이제 시작인것 아시죠~~^^?오늘 첫 방송으로 앞으로 모두들 동방신기형들의 발걸음에 주목해주세요!!!아자자자자자자자자자자잣!!!!!!!!!!!파이팅!!!!!!!!!!
[onew] also TVXQ ‘s! Love does not disappoint us once yunohyeong ~ Changmin hyung! Now, like a start in the first episode today, we know that everyone ~~^^? TVXQ pay attention to the type of the step! Ahjajajajajajajajajajajat Fighting !!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

source:  SHINee’s me2DAY


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